1 GB RAM For New iPad?

1 GB RAM for iPad 3

The new iPad has been launched. At the event, then the features of new iPad were discussed, one major remained question unanswered. That was, how much Random Access Memory (RAM) will the new iPad have?

The iPad 2 has a RAM of 512MB. However, the new iPad will reportedly have 1GB RAM to help work with the powerhouse dual core A5X chip and quad core graphics.

As the main memory of the iPad will also be shared for graphics as Video RAM (VRAM), the upgrade is necessary and logical for iOS gamers. If the new iPad held the same 512MB of RAM that the iPad 2 holds, then High Quality (HQ) games would certainly choke up the system’s RAM and make the device sluggish because the retina display requires four times the data as the standard display. This means that more information will be held in the memory of new iPad.

The full iWork suite for iOS updated for the retina display. iPhoto has been added to the iLife suite for iOS (completing the set). Now with more RAM, there will be a great impact on performance. The usual small applications we download from the App Store are small while iLife and iWork applications are very large and power-hungry. They absorb all the system resources they can find.

RAM is a volatile kind of memory, requiring constant power to be used and affecting battery life. This is one of the reasons that Apple has limited it in iOS devices. However, it seems that Apple has managed to keep the same great 10-hour battery life on The new iPad even with the increase. The increase in RAM should prove to make multitasking more efficient and save the system of your new iPad from choking up when there are numerous processes running in the background.

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