10 Plus The Brain Game Review

10 Plus The Brain Game

Scared of mathematics? How about a game that makes maths fun? You play with numbers and enjoy the game.

No kidding! What you heard is serious. There is a game that helps you enjoy maths.

Play Pie Games Co has released new game called 10 Plus The Brain Game (also known as 10 Plus Pro). Playing this game can be a good exercise for your brain when you try to think about how solve the puzzles made from numbers.

10 Plus game test the knowledge of mathematics that you would have learnt in first grade. In this game, your goal is to spot a series of numbers, when added would reult in 10 or a multiple of ten. Your time limit increases with the points you score. As you progress to further level, the numbers on the board become more diversified. While you have the numbers 0, 1,2,3 and 4 in the first level, in the later levels, you also have 5,6 and 7 on board. This makes game easy but more time consuming as far as clearing a level is concerned. Graphics are appealing while the music is catchy.

This game is not just for children. Adults can also enjoy it. Once you understand the game, as the difficulty level rises, you would enjoy solving the puzzles.

So are you ready to improve the Math skills your child by giving this game to him/her.

Click here to buy and download 10 Plus The Brain Game.

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