10 reasons of mine to jailbreak my device

Is always good to have alternate store for Apps. If you don’t get an app on one store, you can search on another store. Here are the top reasons to jailbreak your device.

Here are the 10 reason as why you should jailbreak your device.

Reason 1.
It’s risk-free. In a worst case scenario, you can restore your iPhone to factory settings

Reason 2.
Install third-party applications with Cydia

Reason 3.
Add custom notification sounds and ringtones for free

Reason 4.
Play Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NES and PlayStation games with emulators

Reason 5.

Customize the look and feel of your iPhone with WinterBoard

Reason 6.
Show a picture of your contacts in your contact list with Cyntact

Reason 7.
Track your lost/stolen iPhone with iLocalis

Reason 8.
Get MMS with SwirlyMMS

Reason 9.
Run apps in the background with Backgrounder

Reason 10.
Enable battery percentage on the 2G and 3G with Battery Percentage

These are the 10 reasons as why i had to jailbreak my device. So, what is your reason?