iPad Apps Has Reached 100,000 Milestone

Just 3 months ago in March 2011 we saw the iPad apps scale had touched 75,000 and now its hit an arrow at 100,000. iPad has just been in the market since 14 months and now hit 100,00 mark. Can we imagine the number of iPad app developers? I think its too many to even start counting.

There has been a tremendous growth in the numbers of iPad and tablet buyers. Apple alone is expected to touch a graph of 9 million iPad 2 users and by next summer to reach 14 million.

HP and blackberry to name a few have jumped into building more touch phones, touch pads, playbooks and so on which is booming in the market today. Apple is on the top of charts while other companies are trying to catch up. And many more yet to come. It’s a long journey yet very competitive.

[Image courtesy todaysiphone ]

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