Zune HD is launched

Today, Microsoft officially launched their competitor to iPod Touch, the Zune HD. As announced earlier this year, the Zune HD is available in 16GB and 32GB priced at $219.99 and $289.99. This is only in America since Microsoft has decided not to release the product in Europe just yet.

Microsoft Zune HD has a 3.3 inch OLED multitouch screen and Nvidia Processor, and of course a media player, but the most significant is that Microsoft confirmed that the company will be adding games and other applications for the Zune HD, just like Apple’s iTunes App Store. The name of Microsoft’s App Store is “Zune Marketplace”.

Zune HD looks like iPod Touch in many ways, but is it competitive? The Zune HD is not compatible to Mac computers yet, but it communicates brilliantly with Xbox Live; if you buy a video on Xbox Live you are able to download it for no additional fee in the Zune HD, but this service doesn’t include rented movies.

Just like iPod Touch, Zune HD has no camera. They can both connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi, they both has Touchscreen keyboards and accelerometer. They only way Zune HD is unique is because of its HD Video, HD Radio and HD Out. The 32GB version is priced $10 cheaper than the new iPod Touch 32GB model. The iPod Touch’s biggest advantage is the App Store, which Microsoft hasn’t been able to match.

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  1. Looks nice though, have to have used it before I can determine if the GUI is any better than the one the iPhone OS is supplying. Ever since my HTC Touch Diamond experience I’ve been a little bit aloof of those nice flashing interfaces. But it seems like they really improved the browser to a level matching Safari mobile.

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