Thirteen Commandments For Foxconn Factory Workers

Foxconn Commandments

Foxconn Commandments

Someone who recently purchased a MacBook Pro found a little Foxconn gem packaged with his new laptop. He found a card with thirteen rules written on it.

Possibly, this card was left in the box by a Foxconn factory worker. Gizmodo has coined the information printed on the card the “13 Commandments of Foxconn.”

Translated in English, the commandments are as follows:

Four codes to live by while working at the factory
1. Discipline.
2. Tidiness.
3. Organization (basically means how you organize stuff to improve work efficiency).
4. Cleanliness.

Work ethics
1. Always be ready for any challenges you might stumble across.
2. Always have a plan.
3. Prepare alternate solutions for problems you might encounter.
4. Give 110%.
5. Enjoy the fruits of your labour, aim higher the next time.

1. Those who are gonna touch components or motherboards should wear static bracelet.
2. Before changing to a new pipeline check Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and quality checking. Also make sure “target type” is loaded. Read once more to make sure.
3. Ensure that the parts you have in hand are the correct ones before assembling.
4. Make sure your work is done before changing shift, and put this card on the machine you just worked on before leaving.

The “commandments” are reminiscent of rules used in many large High Reliability Organizations (HROs). However, the fifth commandment under “work ethics” is culturally relevant and it is also depressing at the same time. Nobody can aim higher next time, when his “next time” consists of repeating the same menial task throughout a 100 hour work week.

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