140,000 Macs Still Infected With Flashback Malware

Symantec Flashback Report

Apple may have released a number of Java patches and an uninstaller tool to remove Flashback Trojan virus from your Mac. However, it is being estimated that roughly 140,000 Macs worldwide are still affected by the Flashback Trojan.

According to Symantec, the numbers are at a point much higher than forecasted by the security firm.

It was being predicted that the number of affected machines would have dropped by now, given that Apple and third-party vendors (like Kaspersky) had released their respective Flashback-neutralizing programs last week. Apple even rolled out a removal tool for those Mac users who do not have Java installed and may therefore be harboring a dormant version of the malware. The statistics from Symantec’s “sinkhole” or spoofed command and control server are showing that Flashback has been removed from roughly 460,000 machines since 9 April 2012 but the company expected less than 99,000 would be carrying the Trojan by 18 April.

For those of you who are unaware, sinkholes are used by internet security and research firms to monitor and analyze the spread of malicious programs. There has not been any speculation at the moment as to why the remaining Macs have not already disposed of Flashback since the self-installing program can easily be detected and deleted. It is possible that machine owners continue to remain unaware of the program and/or have not performed a software update that would remove it.

Source: Modmyi

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