Two-Year Anniversary Brings Major Update For Sn0wBreeze

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Jailbreaking is rage in the world of Apple devices and Apple apps. Usually the birthdays and anniversaries of every event are marked. People, celebrities, educational institutions, political leaders and now even buildings, children and events like 9/11 as well. When the anniversary of so many things can be marked, then why not jailbreaking tools like Sn0wbreeze?

After seeing updates from both the Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team, Hacker iH8sn0w has seeded a new version of his popular jailbreak tool, Sn0wBreeze. He is bringing the update now when the two-year anniversary of Sn0wBreeze is to be marked. The new version includes pod2g’s iOS 5.0.1 untether. But this is not the only thing that the new version of Sn0wBreeze includes.

To mark the two-year anniversary of Sn0wBreeze, iH8sn0w has incorporated a many new features into the utility. Among those is support for older firmware like iOS 3.1.3 and an IPSW downloader.

According to iH8sn0w’s blog, following changes have been introduced in Sn0wBreeze v2.9:

Return of old firmware support in one release!

GUI Improvements

You can now build IPSWs with TinyUmbrella/iFaith blobs!

Removes OTA Updates/badge on iOS 5.x.x.x+ devices

Added an IPSW Downloader

Built-in iREB functionality updated from newest iREB r5 module

Custom Packages in Expert actually works now. :p

All supported firmwares in this release are untethered

Sn0wBreeze 2.9 supports every firmware from iOS 3.1.3 to 5.0.1, except for iOS 4.3.4, 4.3.5 and iOS 5. iH8sn0w says that support for these three would come very soon. It will not work with A5 devices like the iPad 2 or iPhone 4S because currently the iBoot exploit that can make it possible is not available.

Source: iDownload Blog

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