2018 iPad Pro case mocks up preview expectation all-screen design

Apple expects two major iPad Pro in two weeks. This does not render purported design plans, but the closest, we have seen in the preview. Now of note, at least one accessory imagines creatively, 2018 iPad Pro appears wrapping their case.

We do not actually leak consideration of the new iPad Pro, with image hype of new corner-to-corner display. Mysmartprice.com shares the image describes an upcoming case with the maker UAG. Thus with the image purports front design where a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro; expects placeholder image on the CAD leak mixed with a little creativity on the software side.

With the expectation of two new iPad Pro upgrades this month, evidence rumours a point to a new 11-inch version. This replaces the 10.5-inch version and refreshed 12.9-inch version smaller body.

We thus expect new iPad Pro models switch from Lightning ports to USB-C with one power 4K HDR video output first time. We believe Apple Pencil,  need updates Lightning replaces with the USB-C. The new version similarly pairs, AirPods pair today, with the explanation of charging solution to the magnetic connector.

Thus with 9to5Mac models reportedly runs on a new A12X chip, is where the current A10X Fusion chip, and Face ID portraits and landscape orientation which sets up portrait orientation.

At this point, Apple announces officially not a second fall event or the new iPads. With the event announced personally, next week around two weeks now, possibly on October 30, has new hardware shipping in early November.