A wake up call

Is Apple facing a season of problems?, We shouldn’t be judgmental at this juncture as Apple knows how to bounce back so let time decide that but the recent issue of interruption in communication and antenna fiasco, the executive in charge of iPhone and iPod, Mark Papermaster has resigned Apple.Inc.

About Mark , he joined last year leaving IBM Corp, which was in controversies, as contract to IBM states, no employee can join a rival company within one year and so was sued, which was resolved later.

“Apple was upset and embarrassed with the customers’ reports flaunting in the official website. Bob Mansfield, the senior Vice-President will be taking the charge of the brigade. He already manages groups that create key technologies for iPhone”; said the CEO Steve Jobs.

Many things are shuffling in the headquarter, Cupertino, news conferences were held by the top officials to clear out what were the problems associated with the iPhone and how Apple is going to rectify them.

For the time being ‘fingers crossed’ for Apple!

Thanks [Boston.com]

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