Antenna, Mark Papermaster and now Battery, What’s that?

Is Apple stuck up with a series of problems?, Let’s refrain from commenting but the issue is about battery back-up this time.

First was the antenna issue, leading the executive in charge Mark Papermaster’s resignation and now it’s the life of the product, the battery.

After the installation of iOS4 into the iPods people have reported problem with the battery back up. They said that they would spend 4-5 days of use on a single charge and now they are getting only about a day’s worth of use.

People agreed that installation of a new operating system can make a fluctuation in the battery usage, but can’t expect the drop to be as low as to 80%.

This problem will have a severe effect on Apple’s networking services; the WiFi usage will be draining more battery. The iPod will not stay in sleep or standby modes with these services enabled, so when put away for the night the device will continue to use WiFi and drain the battery.

So, it’s again a show time for Apple. Fix the problem soon or else the website ( will be flaunting with no big deals with Apple from our side!

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