Apple Flies 25 Billionth App Contest Winner To Beijing To Collect Prize

Chunli Fu

Earlier this month we reported about the total number of downloads at app store crossed 25 billion. Later, Apple revealed that the 25 billionth download was from China.

Apple declared app store user Chunli Fu as the winner of 25 billionth app download contest.

Recently, Apple flew 25 billionth app download contest winner Chunli Fu to the its Beijing headquarters to collect her $10,000 Apple Store gift card prize.

Fu received her gift card in person at Apples corporate headquarters some 400 miles away from her home city of Qingado, China according to M.I.C. Gadget.

Fu won the contest with a download of the free version of Disney’s “Where’s My Water?”. However, at that time, she was not too much of an Apple fan and had only owned her iPhone for about one month. However, after winning the contest the Chinese media started referring to her as the “Apple girl.” Fu was not even aware of the contest though, and thought Apple’s repeated congratulatory phone calls were pranks. It took an email from Apple for Fu to finally realize she was not being punked and Apple did intend to reward her.

Fu browsed the Apple Store in Sanlitun with her new $10,000 Apple Store gift card. Nobody knows whether she bought anything.

What would you like do if you had $10,000 Apple Store gift card? Tell us your fantasies.

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