3.0 Update Problems and Possible Solutions

People who are on 3G 3.0, I figured out why some people are not
1. Receiving calls but able to make calls
2. Wifi is not working properly
3. Struck at apple logo when some apps installed

This is primarily due to
1. If you have UPGRADED (clicking on ‘upgrade’ button in itunes) your iPhone from 2.x firmware to 3.0
2. If you have used Gold master firmware
3. If you have restored from backup after restoring to 3.0

If you have upgraded to 3.0 then you will not receive incoming calls properly. Some people might even face the WiFi issue. This is due to that the baseband firmware is not upgraded properly. iTunes has NOT erased the baseband and installed a new firmware. It has just written few important patches..

DO NOT restore from backup as 3.0 has a different framework (or Something)! This can also cause problem.

What can you do about this??

Follow these steps
1. Put iPhone in DFU mode and restore to 3.0
2. Then use redsn0w to jailbreak (Click here)
3. Open itunes, SETUP iPhone AS NEW iPhone
4. turn OFF WiFi, 3G and Push
5. Turn ON Airplane more
6. Sync ur songs with itunes…

Restart your phone… and then check… (Hope it will work)

After analysing the logs and the patches sent by itunes to iphone while restoring I was able to figure it out.. Nothing is wrong with ur phone… So dont panic.

If you still find this problem persisting you need to go to 2.2.1 and manually flash the 4.26.08 baseband!

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