Apple Witnesses The 350,000 Textbooks Downloads In Three Days


Last week, Apple spelt ease for students, teachers and scholars by launching iBooks 2.0.

The books available for download from iBooks 2.0 carry not just text but also photos, videos and much more. Tons of study material is accessible thanks to iBooks 2.0 and people are utilizing iBooks to the maximum.

Apple is yet to release the official numbers. However, the early returns on its new iBooks textbook store signify that there iBooks 2.0 is indeed receiving a positive response. According to Global Equities Research, more than 350,000 textbooks have been downloaded within three days of the debut of iBooks 2.0.

Some 90,000 books have been downloaded of the iBooks Author platform. Global Equities Research used a proprietary system to compile these numbers and has not revealed much about its methodology. However, its figures, if accurate, would certainly mark a successful and auspicious beginning to Apple’s iBooks 2.0.

Source: Engadget

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