3D Avatar Building App Part Of An Apple Patent Application

App 3D Avatar

Given the standing that Apple has in the world of technology, event the patents that Apple registers becomes news.

Whether a patent lawsuit or not, Apple’s patents are always in news.

Recently, Patently Apple has found a patent related to building 3D avatars:

Earlier today we introduced Apple’s 3D Avatar App which covered a basic overview of the new application in the works. Now a second patent application has surfaced and it actually shows that the app is already running on an iPad! We have the screenshot to prove it. The new patent application focuses on how the app will work with color palettes and more. The big news however is that the new 3D Avatar App is in its final stages of development and that’s very cool. Evidently phase-one of the application is geared for the younger crowd, but other editions could be in the works as discussed in our first report today.

This could be for GameCenter or a number of other areas where you would want to create an online personality.

Originally, sole inventor Thomas Goossens of Apple Paris had filed Apple’s patent application in Q3 2010.The thin bezels around the iPad are likely because it is the simulator.

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