Third-Party Spotify iPad App Available Now

Spotable Spotify screen

The iPad version of Spotify was being awaited by many. Thus, a Swedish developer released a free Spotify iPad app before time, that is two weeks ago. It is called Spotable, and it is easy to use.


Spotable has the same Twitter-for-iPad-like slideover-pane interface that the official app is expected to have. This new app has playlists at left and further panes coming in over the top as you search and browse. Swiping these panes gets you back to where you started.

While there is no support for Spotify Apps, you can search and access your inbox, starred tracks and playlists. Searching will show relevant albums and artists, with the tracks listed below. From here you will be able to browse deeper into the album, view other stuff by the artist, star tracks or just play them.

Speaking of playing, AirPlay is supported in this app. Other things that are supported are lock-screen artwork and control, as well as saving tracks for offline playback.

It is certainly a bare-bones implementation. However, at the moment, it is still a lot better than the official Spotify iPad app, which does not exist, and has not existed since the iPad debuted over two years ago.

So you can try this app. Post your comments about using this app.


Source: Cult Of Mac

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