5% of Vavle’s steam users download to a Mac.

I can get every bit of world buzz at my home. How? Simple! Technology makes life so simple. Through the power of internet the world is at our hand, isn’t it?

Considering the revolution that World Wide Web have made, there launched thousands of sites consisting of various subject matters.

But here we will talk about the Vavle’s Steam which is a game platform. They carried out a survey and were seen very happy about the result. The happy can be said because there has been rise in Mac user downloading steam. Steam for Macs was announced back in May so it is interesting to see two months on what the take-up has been like.

The survey shows 5% download range by Mac. The results also showed that 46.78 per cent of those with a Mac are gaming with a MacBook Pro, while just 3.44 per cent are using a Mac Mini.

Steam is steaming up with Mac users. The company is hopeful that more Mac user will add up.

No doubt Mac users are increasing but still people can’t afford a Mac due to it cost and sophisticated operating system. Still Vavle hopes for an increase. But the percentage is nominal in this competitive society.
Yes, we know the world stand on hopes!

Thanks, TechRadar.com

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