Fifth Avenue Apple Store Sells 13,000 iPads In First 12 Hours

Queue outside Apple Store

This past Monday, on 19 March 2012, both AT&T and Apple announced that they saw record-breaking iPad sales over the weekend. Both of them did not give any kind of specific sales figures.

Obviously this was the reason of some people speculating and some people guessing. In three days (opening Friday, Saturday and Sunday), Apple sold three million iPads but how was the opening.

The Verge has some estimates from the popular Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City.

“Here’s what we’re hearing: within the first 12 hours of the iPad’s launch — between 8AM and 8PM local time — the store sold over 13,000 new iPads, an average of about 18 per minute. Daily store revenue, which typically falls between $700,000 to $1 million this quarter, was up to $11.5 million on launch day. “

Selling nearly 20 iPads a minute for 12 straight hours is really impressive. Especially for a single retail location. More interesting is the fact that the Fifth Avenue store had that kind of inventory on hand.

Last year, retailers witnessed almost immediate supply shortages after the iPad 2 launch. They received only a handful of units per day for about a week before the tablets were completely sold out. Apple was obviously a bit more prepared this time around.

This might also explain why some news outlets are reporting a lack of demand for the new iPad, as several resellers around the country are claiming to still have inventory left.

It will be interesting to see how many tablets Apple sells this quarter, considering it is coming off a record-breaking holiday period. We should hear about those numbers during the Apple’s sometime next month.

Source: iDownload Blog

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