6 Best Jailbreak Apps that has transform Cydia Store

Here are the 6 Cydia Apps:

1. WinterBoard

Winterboard is a must have if you intend to apply themes to your iPhone or customize the interface. Of course, you can always SSH and install themes on your own, but Winterboard will make almost everyone’s lives a lot easier. You can install Winterboard and browse Cydia for themes and UI tweaks you’d like to put on your phone.

The great thing about Winterboard is that it works as a chain of command. Say you download a theme but you don’t like the sounds. You can download a sound pack from Cydia you do like, check it in Cydia and drag it above the main theme. It will then override the theme’s default sounds with the ones you’ve selected.

Winterboard is an amazingly powerful tool that allows you to customize your iPhone just the way you’d like.

2. iTypeFastR

This app is very innovative yet simple to use. It is also a must have cydia app for 2011. If you press a hard time on the iPhone, you can use iTypeFastR Resort. It offers relatively large alphabet keys on the screen, the input of a much more comfortable task. More importantly, alphabets, we tend to use more often than the others in a larger font to display in this application.

3. Poof

Hide any app icon you want and get it back just as quick. Useful for say hiding that “dating” app when you hand your iPhone off to your 8-year-old nephew. The ability to make any app disappear off of the home screen quickly becomes something you can’t live without.


The beauty of a jailbroken iPhone is that you can skin it like crazy. iD3 gives a gorgeous high-tech makeover to your Lock Screen, icons, and even various built-in apps (like Calculator, Dialer, and iPod). It also customizes user-interface sounds. It’s just one of more than 100 available themes; pick any of them to give your iPhone a fresh, distinctive look. The app is available for $1.99.

5. IntelliScreen 

The iPhone is long overdue for some kind of functional, Windows Mobile-style “Today” screen. IntelliScreen brings your calendar, e-mail, and text messages to the Lock Screen, plus custom news, sports, and weather.

Setting up your layout can be a bit tricky, and the screen can be slow to populate, but it’s still the best use of the Lock Screen. You can get app for $9.99.


Allows you to browse your phones directory structure. Email multiple items. Create a web server to allow web page access to your iPhone on local wifi network. iFile can view HTTP files, movies, sound files, images, text, PDF, and Microsoft Office files (Doc, xls, ppt, etc). You can get the app for Free.

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