Apple Orders 65 Million Retina Displays For iPad 3

iPad Retina Display

There are various online reports according to which, Apple has ordered a whopping 65 million high-resolution 264 Pixels Per Inch (PPI) Retina Displays from Samsung and LG Display for its upcoming iPad 3.

There are rumors that iPad 3 will make its debut early next month, and according to reports its production is now well underway.

ChinaTimes did not mention Sharp in its report. There are rumors about Sharp that it is supplying high-resolution iPad 3 displays to Apple. Many other online rumors say that Sharp displays have almost certainly been in testing iPad 3.

Given 65 million units, it seems that Apple is confident about the success of iPad 3. In comparison, the Apple had ordered only 40 million displays for the iPad 2. Probably, this time, there would not be any shipping delay.

iPad 3 is also expected to feature a quad-core A6 processor and maybe even LTE connectivity. Rumors say that it would be unveiled during the first week of March, with a launch in the US one week later.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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