650,000 Macs Still Infected With Flashback

Dr. Web Flashback Mac Infection Chart

The menace of Flashback is far from over. It cannot end anytime soon. Are you surprised? You should be.

A recent report has debunked earlier claims that the number of infected Macs had fallen from 600,000 to 140,000 over a matter of a few days. Apple had released a security tool to combat Flashback last week, and Norton Symantec had reported that the number of infected machines had fallen to 140,000 shortly after. That number has been proven to be inaccurate.

The original Flashback whistleblower, Russian security firm Dr. Web, has revealed that around 650,000 Macs are still infected with the Flashback trojan. Not only there are many Macs connected to the botnet that were previously unaccounted for, but more OS X computers are getting added every day. This revelation should leave Apple and Norton red-faced.

Dr. Web warned the tech world, earlier this month saying that 600,000 Macs were part of the Flashback botnet. The firm estimated that 817,879 total Macs had been infected by Flashback at some point. The botnet used spread itself by exploiting browser click fraud scams and vulnerabilities in Apple’s Java that have since been reportedly patched.

With all of the third-party security tools and Apple’s own updates that have been released to combat Flashback, you must be thinking that the trojan would be starting to die off. Due to the tricky way Flashback pings its host severs, other researchers were not able to completely track the botnet’s growth.

According to Dr. Web:

This is the cause of controversial statistics — on one hand, Symantec and Kaspersky Lab reported a significant decline in the number of BackDoor.Flashback.39 bots, on the other hand, Doctor Web repeatedly indicated a far greater number of bots which didn’t tend to decline considerably.

Symantec has since updated its post to reflect Dr. Web’s newest data.

If you have not updated your Mac with Apple’s latest security patch, better do it now and check to see if your Mac has been infected with Flashback. If anything, these numbers indicate that many Mac users are not good at keeping their computers up to date. Apple has released a total of 3 security patches to combat Flashback this month, and the last update will remove the trojan from any infected machine entirely.

Source: Cult Of Mac

Image Source: Dr. Web

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