8.43% of iPhone users jailbroken

thumb.phpIt would appear as if there has been a recent surge in jailbreaking popularity. According to the most recent information from Pinch Media, 8.43% of Iphone users have jailbroken their phone. Of course, looking at the complete picture that is a small number of users, especially when you look at the percentage of non-jailbroken users — 91.57%.

But given that, those willing to jailbreak has risen from 8.0% up to the current 8.43% in just the previous week. Knowing that, one cannot help but wonder if the increase has had anything to do with the recent Google Voice controversy and the addition of GV Mobile in Cydia (the unofficial app store).

All in all this is an interesting stat to see, and one that I have not seen before, but one that I am going to try and keep and eye on in the future. According to Just Another iPhone Blog, the percentage of users was under 7% a few weeks back.

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  1. It seems that with jailbreaking getting easier, and people getting more and more fed up with Apple’s mysterious app approval process, the number of jailbreakers will only continue to rise – despite the fact that Apple seems to think jailbreakers are felons and drug dealers.

    I know that I would jailbreak in a heartbeat if the sleep/wake button on my phone wasn’t broken. But because it is, I can’t put it in DFU mode, and so I cannot perform the install.

  2. The one major issue that seems to bother me when-ever the thorny issue of jail-breaking comes into the fray is that I have just legally purchased an iPod touch. I have no contract. No further fees. Its now unequivicable mine.
    So the same argument can be raised when I buy something as large as a house or as small as an iPod touch. Must the house remain the same colour that I bought it? Can I not re-paint it to a colour that I want since the house is now mine? Do I risk jail time if I risk making the house a home with curtains, utensils, flooring I like or furniture I need?

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