Eight News Apps To Bring You News From The World

Today, the media is so advanced that due to various channels of communication and information, every news spreads and travels like wild fire. If we do not read any newspaper or watch TV news channels for two days, then we leg behind in terms of information, awareness and current affairs.

That is why, here are eight apps that would help you keep yourself updated about, local, national and international news from different fields through your iDevice. All of these apps are free and worth trying.

Newsweek1. Newsweek
Seller: Newsweek
Category: News
Newsweek’s updated app brings the digital editions of Newsweek to your iPad. This app also helps you to subscribe to Newsweek or purchase it from your iPad, every week. You can also the videos that are on Newsweek website. Click here to download.


Denver Post

2. Denver Post
Seller: Denver Post
Category: News
All the latest news at your fingertips now. Be it sports, current affairs, politics, entertainment, business or anything. You can also enjoy comic strips published in newspapers. Click here to download.

Idaho Press Tribune

3. Idaho Press Tribune
Developer: Pioneer Newspapers Inc.
Category: News
Here is one of the most repotted newspapers from the Idaho County. Now available on your iPhone and iPad. Not only you can read news, you can also see results of lottery, weather conditions, traffic conditions and more. You can share articles on Facebook and Twitter through this app. This app would facilitate the submission of news tips, photos and videos from you. Click here to download.

The Miami Herald Print Edition

4. The Miami Herald Print Edition
Seller: The Miami Herald
Category: News
Not just in Miami, The Miami Herald has a standing all over USA. This app brings the print edition of The Miami Herald on your iPad. With this app, you can skim through pages and see all important news from USA, especially South Florida. You can also share articles and news reports on Facebook. Click here to download.

KNOE 8 News

5. KNOE 8 News
Developer: Verve Wireless, Inc.
Category: News
Affiliated with CBS, this TV news channel’s standing in the news media of United States cannot be questioned. News and videos related to headlines, weather, sports and more are at your finger tips. The new version comes with improvements in User Interface (UI). Click here to download.


6. KALB-TV News Channel 5
Seller: Hoak Media, LLC
Category: News
In Central Louisiana, KALB-TV has a reputation of delivering the most accurate and current news, weather reports, sports updates, entertainment gossips and more. This app also enables you conveniently surf the website of KALB on your iDevice. Click here to download.

CBC News

7. CBC News
Seller: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Category: News
This app is a just have for our Canadian readers. Just move your fingers with a gentle touch on your iDevice. And then all the news from CBS is on your screen. This app brings you latest news from different regions of Canada. You can listen to audio news bulletins, watch full screen videos, see high quality photo galleries and share stories via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Click here to download.

PC Pro

8. PC Pro
Developer: Dennis Publishing Limited
Category: News
OK! Now we have something for our techno-geek readers. You all know that PC Pro is UK’s largest selling IT monthly magazine. With this app, not only you can subscribe the magazine, but also read any issue of this magazine on your iDevice. This app and this magazine keep you updated about what is happening in the world of computers. Click here to download.

So which app do you find most suitable for your purpose of keeping pace with news and current affairs? Which app do you find most amusing and helpful? Share your feedback with us.

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