Apple’s Upgrade Strategy in India

Apple is planning on boosting its sales effort in India by upgrading its authorized re-seller to about 5-6 locations in extremely prominent areas in India’s metropolitan cities. The stores are being referred to as “Flagship Apple Premium Reseller” outlets. According to the Economic Times, the not official Apple stores will be located each at least three times larger than the current reseller stores, which its average is about 1,000-1,500 square feet.

Apple may likely increase, according to three senior industry executives, to about 5,000 square feet for re-seller locations that are improved just in an effort to build them as anchor shops in both malls and in outdoor shopping areas.

Furthermore, Apple will start construction on the flagship outlets first in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. A while after those locations are opened, the company will then open outlets in Hyderabad and Pune. However, specific grand opening window for these outlets was not given.
One of Apple’s new India’s strategies is to focus on the selling experience rather than on discount as they would want some of these outlets to step up their game in this new format.
However, Apple is also open to the idea of getting the right location which is not easy according to an executive who said that ‘a team from the company is identifying locations’. As they would want these flagship stores to be as large as 5,000 square feet

These outlets, are part of Apple’s upgrade strategy, which includes modernizing its relationship with independent retailers, lasting retail deals and also opening of Apple official retail stores in the country. These official store outlets are said to open from the beginning of 2019 with locations in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. What gave birth to Apple’s new strategy was when Michel Coulomb was hired to oversee the company’s growth in India at the end of 2017. Apple literally struggles in the Indian market as a result of its higher prices of its smartphones compared to other manufacturers like Xiaomi etc. The other major aspect of Apple’s new strategy is its services, which will be closely aimed at Indians.

While some services like Apple Music were favorably received according to macrumors, others like Siri were identified as low points for Indian customers, as the assistant “often struggles” with local accents and does not understand “many words of Indian origination” — all pain points that Apple is hoping to address