Apple Watch Like Rings That Track Move Minutes and Heart Points

Google has updated on 21st August, its Wear OS iPhone app and its Google Fit Android app which has a new redesign that emphasizes closing rings, which is similar to Apple’s Activity app. Google Fit will task users every day to close one ring based on the “move minutes” and another ring based on the “heart points” according to macrumors.

Meanwhile, Google Fit senior product manager Margaret Hollendoner explains that the “Move minutes” is known as a metric which intends to be better than measuring daily steps simply because it can capture multiple activities, and since walking “might not be a great option” for some users, “Heart points” however differs from “move minutes” because it requires users to engage in activities which will certainly increase their heart rate but may not require heavy physical activity (although it will reward more points for intense workouts).

However, Margaret Hollendoner says that it can be “as simple as picking up the pace when you’re walking.” But these metrics are measured when wearing one of the Google’s Wear OS watches, although there are other options available. Health data can also be imported from other devices that are compatible with Google Fit even the company points out to the fact that, the metrics may not be that accurate. As Similar to the Apple watch, the apps can offer goals that it believes are fit for the users once the personal data of the user is put into the Wear OS and Google Fit. The app can also suggest that you would need another 20 0r 30 minutes of exercise in order to reach a weekly goal.

Furthermore, Google collaborated with the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization to build the new rings and activity tracking. According to macrumors, the users, while using the app will be able to read more details about the heart points. The senior vice president Patrick Wayte of AHA, sees this, as an “opportunity to get people oriented around the science,” and eventually “align them to the guidelines” and the AHA recommends for daily physical activity.

as a result of comparison, the Apple Watch’s Activity is said to measure; Move, Exercise, and Stand metrics, calories burned, intense workout time, and time spent standing throughout a single day. As for Google Fit, the company, however notes that it will still measure the basic stats as well, which includes daily steps, the miles completed, and calories burned.