A cut above the rest.

According to reports shown by Forbes Apple has topped the Forbes list of the ‘World’s Most Valuable Brands’. Apparently Apple has won over giants like Microsoft and Coca Cola.

Apple growth is ever dominating! Its not merely about figures but about the magnificent picture that the company portrays in the minds of millions and billions of users. It has faced several setbacks before and bounced back to becomes the world’s most valuable brand- worth $57.4 billion.

The Forbes magazine further indicated, “Apple shows just how a brand can survive and thrive even when a parent company stumbles. Apple’s sales in the late 1990s stands at 46 percent over a four year stretch while the company lost money seven times over eight quarters.’’

The top-notch company is followed by software major Microsoft, with a brand value of $56.6 billion, while the third place is taken by Coca cola with a brand value of $55.4 billion, followed by technology players IBM, now worth $43 billion.

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