A ‘data saver’ feature of Twitter app in iPhone controls easier of data usage

Twitter for iOS updates today with new features and changes. With this update, the app to a version of 7.33 has new data management tools, group message controls, and more.

The new Twitter data saver feature perhaps is most notable.

Twitter for iOS includes a new ‘Data saver’ option. With this option enabled, videos not only auto-play and images initially get loaded in a lower-quality resolution.

Previously, Twitter offers users with the ability to manually adjust auto-play and media quality. With this new data, saver feature makes things much easier with adjustment data control with a single control. This Twitter data saver feature is in testing with some users from earlier this year but is available to everyone.

In addition to the new data management feature, the update, however, includes easier control over the group. With a direct message at focus is there are members, it is easier to control who the particular group is. Further, to my knowledge, Twitter says there are better labels for “certain types of ads,” where improvements to VoiceOver support for polls.

We then release some exciting new changes which include the option under your ‘Data usage’ settings with the use of fewer data you browse, a simpler way of managing who is in your group messages, improvements on how people interact with polls using VoiceOver and better labels of a certain type of ads.

Data saver – if enabled, videos will not auto-play, however, there are lower-quality images to load automatically reduces data usage for all Twitter accounts.