A knock at the door by Intel

According to reports from Computer world, chips power house maker Intel is planning to aquire German semi conductor company Infeneon Technologies to buy its wireless chip unit. This deal if turn out well could put intel in the map of lucrative smartphone market.

Intel has been trying to make a mark in the fied of smart phone market for years. Intel has all the quality to enter the arena of smart phone maker with a boom. Who knows if deal with Infenon works out well then it will greatly benefit the Intel dream.

Infeneon are chips maker for smartphones like iPhone and other. Infeneon has already made its mark in chips making for smartphones, Infeneon is like hot commodity in the market. The company’s wireless chips are used by Apple for some of its iPhones and its new iPad. Infeneon chips are also use in some BlackBerries and Samsung and Nokia Phones.

Even according to reports Infeneon has a list of buyer other than Intel. Intel may need to prepare itself properly where they can experiences up and down as acquiring European companies that also Germany company which comes with lot of regulatory problems.

Now only time can tell us about Intel jumping into smartphones market whether they can survive the stiff competition from other smart-phones makers other than Apple who is invincible and supreme in smartphones till now with all the odds.

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