A man of no-frills captured again.

The Vow-factor just popped in. There are plenty of places where Steve Jobs travels and it becomes an image but this one’s a plain-vanilla something simple and unique at the same time. A glimpse at this wonderful and very lovable picture will make one mount up the love for Apple and Steve Jobs. A simple man, his appearance, unchanged ‘black-blue’ and homespun feel will never be metamorphose.

He’s coming out of flour+water, a little Italian restaurant in San Francisco. What a privileged and honor to for the restaurant owner and the staff to have served a person like Steve Jobs.

Well, letโ€™s also not forget the person in the front of the picture. This young man name is Kim, a great Apple fan from Sweden. He accidently happened to be behind Steve Job back to get in line at the restaurant. And his friends captured that photo.

Thanks guys for this beautiful photo. ๐Ÿ™‚

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