A New iPad To Launch By Summer’s End?

New iPad

According to a Chinese publication Apple Daily, a new iPad is to presumably launch by the summer-end. On the basis of what is being said, the new iPad would NOT be the long-rumored 7-inch iPad that many have been waiting for.

The new iPad is expected to feature a thinner design, a better battery, and a better display as well. The screen of this iPad is rumored to feature Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) panel technology, which would be an improvement over the current display. Apple Daily also reported that Apple will switch display manufacturers from Samsung to Sharp.

Given the fact that the current iPad has been introduced in March 2012 and given the suggested time of release, this rumor seems to be a hoax. In past, the Chinese publications predicted have some credible information. However, these publications are no different when it comes to rumors.

It is very unlikely from Apple to stray from their rather consistent release schedule of products and realistically releasing an iPad a few months after a new iPad because at a time, when the New iPad is being released in many countries, the release of such another new iPad would only harm the sales of iPad that was released in March 2012.

If it was released, it would likely be released in September or October when the next-generation iPhone is expected to arrive.

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