More Than A Third Of Recent iPhone Buyers Came From Another Mobile Platform

iPhone 4

The success of iPhone (especially iPhone 4S) may have no finish point. The sales of iPhone grew rapidly in the last quarter.

Now, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners have published a new report that adds a new feather to iPhone’s cap.

The report was published after a detailed survey and according the research reflecting in the results of survey, 21% iPhone 4S buyers bought 64 GB Model and 36% of new iPhone buyers, came from other platforms like Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

Previously, this firm had found out that 18% of iPhone 4S buyers who purchased the latest Apple smartphone at the launch were using using other phones, prior to the release of iPhone 4S.

The research said that the online purchases of iPhone represented 43% of Apple’s total handset launch during the launch of iPhone 4S. By the end of 2011, they dropped to 33%.

The sample size for this research were 6000 iPhone users who purchased their iPhone between October 2011 and December 2011.

Source: BGR

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