A5 Chip Jailbreak Reaches One Million Downloads In 24 Hours

iPhone 4S Jailbreak

According to developer and hacker Joshua Hill, the latest jailbreak for devices running Apple’s A5 processor has been downloaded more than one million times in one day. This is the same jailbreak tweak that was made by pod2g and a team of hackers to jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

The new jailbreak which was named as Absinthe, was released for Mac OS X on Friday, 21 January 2012. Before its release, there were a lot of speculations for months whether it was possible to hack into Apple’s new CPU architecture. The Absinthe jailbreak supports the latest version of iOS, iOS 5.0.1 and iOS 5. Users of iPhone 4S and iPad 2 have been waiting for a fully untethered jailbreak solution compatible with their devices for months.

According to online reports, one million downloads were achieved on Mac OS X alone as a Windows version of the jailbreak was released on Saturday, 22 January 2012. Alex Heath noted that this figure was noteworthy as it seems to confirm that interest in jailbreaking devices is not dead after the release of iOS 5; the operating system that introduced more than 200 new features for iPhone and iPad. Because of iOS 5, developers created and developed new apps and tweaks that take advantage of latest features like Twitter Integration and Notification Center, offered by Apple.

To put the A5 jailbreak’s numbers into context: one million downloads were reached in 24 hours by JailbreakMe 3.0 as well when it came out for iOS 4 devices last summer. Currently, the Absinthe jailbreak is available for OS X and Windows machines at the website of Greenpois0n.

Various hackers talked about the downloads through tweets.

MuscleNerd said:

MuscleNerd Tweet

It was easy to assume “new Cydia installs” referred to the amount of new accounts created last weekend. MuscleNerd clarified the figure indicating how many times Cydia was launched on a unique A5 device.

Sebastian Page Tweet MuscleNerd Tweet

Sebastian Page Tweet MuscleNerd Tweet

Cydia creator Saurik tweeted with more numbers, clarifying that 205,000 were the iPhone 4S units with Cydia until Sunday morning.

Saurik Tweet

Lastly, the Dev-Team has published a blog post with the official numbers since Friday morning:
* 491,325 new iPhone 4,1 devices (4S)
* 308,967 new iPad 2 devices
* 152,940 previously jailbroken (at 4.x) iPad 2 devices

For a total of 953,232 downloads for new A5 jailbreaks took place in over three days.

Source: Mac Stories

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