A6 Processor For iPhone 5?

iPhone 5

It seems that the rumors related to iPhone 5 would not stop until it is officially released.

Apple has not even made any official announcement whether the next iPhone would be called iPhone 5 or not. Fans are anticipating the name and reading any news with iPhone 5 word in it leads to sharing and circulation of that news like wild fire.

The latest rumor is that iPhone 5 will have 1280 x 720, 4 inch 4 inch screen. Due to this rumor, there are speculations that iPhone 5 could be running quad-core A6 Processor.

There have been reports that a dual-core processor test and a quad-core processor have been carried out on two separate iPhone models, respectively.

Many Apple fanboys are praying for next iPhone to have A6 Processor because that would make his performance outstanding. It is being believed that the next iPhone would technologically superior and more advanced than the most of the Android phones that would be released in the coming year.

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