ABC cancels My Generation, novel iPad app reduced

Just a couple of weeks ago, ABC has announced that it had teamed up with Nielsen to offer a first-of-its-kind app that used audio cues from the new television show My Generation to sync up with the iPad which provide live interaction. With trivia, polls, music references and social networking options included, the innovative app allowed users to interact with the show and other users by way of their iPad.

Now with the latest reports, ABC has pulled the plug on My Generation after its second airing due to poor ratings with only 3.9 million viewers tuning in this past Thursday. It looks like the faux documentary type reality show didn’t appeal to as many people as ABC had hoped.

Well, we the concept of the My Generation Sync app is to be admired, but the context in which it was used turned out to be a mismatch. Similar apps are sure to pop up on the iPad in the future considering the increasing popularity of social media interaction.


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