ABC News To Give You A Sneak Peak Of Apple’s Factories Tonight

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Tonight you will be able to see what is true about the factories of Apple and Foxconn in China. Coming to your TV screens, ABC News would not just tell you, but also show you the truth about the condition of workers.

Last week, ABC announced their plans to broadcast a special edition of the television series, Nightline, after having gained access to document the working conditions in the factories of some of Apple’s suppliers. Apple granted exclusive access to ABC to cover the working conditions in these factories.

Bill Weir received permission from Apple to visit factories in Shenzhen, China in preparation for the report which will be airing on 21 February 2012 (tonight), at 11:35 PM Eastern Time (ET) on the ABC network. ABC News says that Weirs is the “first journalist to go inside the factories” to watch Apple products being made.

Weir said, “For years, Apple and Foxconn have been synonymous with monster profits and total secrecy. So it was fascinating to go wander the iPhone and iPod production lines, meet the people who build them and see how they live.” The cameras were rolling through various aspects of his visit where he spoke with dozens of line workers and even a top executive about everything from hours and pay to the controversies over suicides at the plan.

The whole document show has been scheduled to be broadcast on Nightline. However, certain portions of the story will also be featured on other ABC News shows and platforms, including “Good Morning America,” “World News with Diane Sawyer,”, ABC News Radio, and ABC Newsone.

As a company, Apple has taken steps toward greater transparency and accountability of its supply chain. This is the first time, Apple has released a list of suppliers as part of its annual supplier responsibility report last month. Apple joined the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and agreed to have its supply chain facilities independently assessed by the association. Bill Weir will reveal what it is truly like behind the scenes and whether Apple’s steps have been helpful to the situation.

This shows that Apple has nothing to hide and labor activists who have given Apple clean-chit, are right about CEO Tim Cook’s claim that Apple cares about all employees. Now that salaries of workers shave been improvised and many benefits have been extended, Apple could not have any reason to be secretive.

What is your opinion about Apple letting media see their factories?

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