Updated Absinthe Includes Linux Version

Absinthe Linux

Last week, Absinthe was released as the first jailbreak tweak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Soon after its release, an update to Absinthe was released to fix many errors in Absinthe. Now there is a third version of Absinthe.

The Version 0.3 of the Absinthe was released on 23 January 2012 by the Chronic Dev Team. The new update comes with support for Linux.

If you are already jailbroken with v0.2, there is no need to attempt to reapply the jailbreak with the latest version. The new update is not very different from Version 0.2. It has a few cosmetic changes and a fix for a rare bug that most users have not encountered.

Chronic Dev Team member @pimskeks tweeted on the release of new update:

Pimskeks Tweet

Besides, if you tried to reapply the jailbreak, it would refuse since the app can detect whether or not the device is already jailbroken.

Now Linux users have a reason to smile. Historically, Chronic Dev has been one of the few jailbreak developers to support the “3rd” operating system.

Are you using Linux? What is your feedback about the jailbreak tweak for A5 chip being available now? Share your experience on using it on Linux.

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