Experience The Action And Excitement With Big Gun [REVIEW]

Big Gun

Now here is a game which claims to recreate gangster genre in the world of games. In terms of animation and storyline, Big Gun will remind you of some of the most dark stories like Watchmen by Alan Moore and Sin City by Frank Miller.

Big Gun has been created by Chinese game developer 9thQ. Established in 2009, 9thQ are developer focused on mobile applications. The founders of 9thQ were a handful of specialists who branched out from telecommunications company, HandCN. The 9thQ Team claims to be a large pack of dedicated individuals who share the same goals, ideals, responsibilities, selflessness, finances, housing, clothing, and sometimes even girlfriends.

Jokes apart, Big Gun sports outstanding American-cartoon-styled graphics. The moment you start creating your character, you will be given the choice between 18 characters that can also be customized with an assortment of accessories and hairstyles. The appearance of every character in this game is marvelous if you judge them on the basis of looks and personality.

Big Gun

Feel the excitement as you launch your global gang warfare tactics. You would be provided 200 different sites to launch your warfare by 25 cities.

Big Gun is a character playing game where no matter what style of organized crime suits you best, be it Asian Triad, American Gangster, or the European Mafia, you would be able to take arms in currently six cities, to include Miami, Tokyo, Sicily, and Paris. A global server would allow for bloodbaths with people anywhere in the world, equipped with any of over 500 different types of equipment and items. Here you get to experience primal Player V/s Player (PvP) culture at its finest. This is an online game.

Let us take look at animation. Big Gun features high-level mega combos that have been launched from a gorgeous first-person perspective and mixed with an onslaught of well-mixed music will leave you with no choice but to stay engrossed in PvP ferocity.

Big Gun

Now allow me to discuss the features of Big Gun:

1. Retina Display support:
Big Gun has crisp, new artwork designed just for the iPhone4 and 4S’s Retina Display Screen.

2. Simple yet exciting First person combat:
Big Gun will provide you with stroke-controlled turn-based combat commands that will really put you in a meat-slicing trance.

3. Global Server:
Big Game has a global server and it unites the world. Ha Ha! The way God created world without borders. You can fight anywhere on a no-border, no-rule, no-limit global scale.

4. Unlimited Avatar Imagery:
The imagery section of Big Gun is vast and you can create your character through a lot of options.

5. A global experience:
Playing Big Gun has a global experience with the conflict in this game is spread across 3 continents. 3 gang factions are based in 25 populous cities and you have to take control of them.

6. Over 500 items and equipments:
Big Gun features over 500 items that are used by mafia, gang, and triad culture.

7. Statistics upgraded frequently:
You can modify key items and have customizable stats.

8. Hundreds of Mission Scripts:
Big Gun features breathtaking, stimulating, and exciting action that would leave you not knowing whether you should laugh or cry. Every time would feel like a different experience.

Following video would tell you how exciting this game is:

Big Gun features infrequent profanities, crude humor, mild/mature suggestive themes. It also features frequent violence and nudity. Therefore, user discretion is being recommended while playing this game.

Big Gun is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 3.2 or later versions.

This review has been written after downloading Big Gun from app store and the game has been played on an iPhone.

So get ready to explore your inner Bruce Willis from Die hard, Sylvester Stallone from Rambo, Dolph Lundgren from The Punisher (1989) or Arnold Schwarzenegger from Terminator.

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Click here to download Big Gun.

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