Activating AssistiveTouch On iPhone And iPad [TUTORIAL]

Do you want to enable iOS 5‘s Assistive Touch accessibility feature? The video shared on this page shows you how to do it. We will also share the procedure with you.

If you are having trouble using the physical controls on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, this procedure can help you. If controls themselves have simply stopped working properly, Assistive Touch is here to give you a great, software-based alternative.

STEP 1 – Launch the “Settings” app.


STEP 2 – Tap “General” button.


STEP 3 – Tap “Accessibility” button.


STEP 4 – Scroll all the way down. At the bottom, you should tap “AssistiveTouch” then toggle it on. (When you see a floating button appear on your screen, you should know that it is working.)


When you turn on AssistiveTouch, a semi-transparent button appears. Tapping this button would give you access to the same functions as the hardware buttons, such as volume up or down and several gesture types. You can even set custom gestures.

If you do not wish to constantly have AssistiveTouch on your screen, then in that case, you can set AssistiveTouch to your “Triple Click Home” function and call upon it when required.

Source: iMore

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