Adam Lashinsky’s “Inside Apple” To Release On 25 Jan

Inside Apple

For past few years, Fortune Sr. Editor Adam Lashinsky had been exploring the inside world of Apple Inc.

Earlier this year, Fortune ran a cover story called How Apple works: Inside the world’s biggest startup, and it holds up as a fascinating read.

The full version of this book, Inside Apple, will be hitting stores on 25 January 2011. It is currently available for pre-order at $16.92 for the hardcover, or $12.99 for the Kindle version and $17.92 for the Audio version.

After the biography of Steve Jobs, this book must be highly anticipated by Appel Fanboys and they must be eager to see it release.

Inside Apple reveals the secret systems, tactics and leadership strategies practiced by Apple Inc that brought Apple Inc, a cult like following.

Lashinsky also interviewed Walter Isaacson and both of them exchanged their insights about Apple Inc. with each other.

Source: 9 TO 5 Mac

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