You Can Add AirPlay To Any TV With A $35 Mini Computer

AirPlay Raspberry Mini Computer

In the world of iOS, the spotlight is always on iPhone, iPad and sometimes, for a change, on iPod. AirPlay does not get the coverage in iOS world that it deserves. If you own an iOS device and an Apple TV, then AirPlay is of great use to you.

Using a Raspberry Pi computer, you can create your very own HDMI-enabled AirPlay-receiving machine that would so small that you might almost forget that it is there.

This would cost you just $35?

For those who are not aware about AirPlay, it is Apple’s way of taking video or audio from an iOS device and throwing it onto a television via a networked Apple TV. You can shoot a video from your device and watch it on your Apple TV.

We are eager to see what people would do with the Raspberry Pi project moving forward, with that 700 MHz ARM 11 processor, 128 MB of RAM likely to prove plenty enough power for some pretty cool stuff.

Source: iDownload Blog

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