Add contact info to get your iPhone 4

How concern are you about your iPhone? Are you not scared of losing it? I am sure you are. No doubt there are many devices and applications in the market to detect your missing iPhone but installing such things requires time and money.

I have found out a simple way of insuring my iPhone. How?

First, you need an image for the lock screen’s background. You can use a photo you already have or download one from a site.

Open the cropped image in your favorite photo editor and, using its Text tool, overlay the image with some text, something along the lines of If found, return to, along with your name and phone number. (Make sure you don’t put down the number of the iPhone!) Save the picture.

Next, open iPhoto and import the image and open up iTunes and plug in your iPhone and sync.

And lastly open iPhone’s Settings app and go to Choose Wallpaper. Find and select the image you’ve just created, and then hit the home button. From now on, if someone finds your phone and turns it on, they’ll see the lock screen—with your contact information on it.

And if you are lucky enough to get a Samaritan, your dropped iPhone might come back to your hand.
It’s good, though it doesn’t provide a full fledge security to my iPhone. Rather I have to depend on my destiny for my lost iPhone. But for a chance what’s the harm on trying it.


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