Adobe Releases First Flash Player 11.3 Beta For Mac OS X

Adobe Flash Player

Installing Flash Player on a Mac ensures all of your processing power and Random Access Memory (RAM) is maxed out on a frequent basis. Whether you are watching a video on YouTube or playing a simple puzzle game, the second Flash begins to load your system becomes a problem.

Unfortunately, a lot of websites still insist on using Flash content. Thus, you are forced to install it or put up with a half-baked worldwide web. But Adobe is working hard to improve the experience. The company has just released the first Flash Player 11.3 beta for Mac OS X, which features all sorts of enhancements and tweaks.

Flash Player 11.3, version 11.3.300.214 is bringing a new backgrounder updater to the Mac. This means you will no longer have to download updates manually.  Adobe has also claimed that it has “relaxed” the driver gating hardware acceleration to 2006, which could mean older graphics cards and chipsets, like the Intel GMA 950, will now be supported hardware acceleration.

Mouse control and support for Mac App Store have been improved. Texture streaming has been introduced.

For developers, there are a number of enhancements to Adobe AIR Mobile. These include screen DPI support for the new iPad’s Retina display, ADT support for the new 144×144 icons added in AIR 3.3, and more. The beta requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later. And it is compatible with Safari 5, Firefox 4 and above, and all versions of Google Chrome and Opera 11.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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