Adobe Upgrades Lightroom

Professional photo management software Lightroom is one of the most favorite Mac app from Adobe which Mac users love to use. This app has recently got a big update to 4.0.

There are many nasty, little bugs in the software, as with most big updates, which only come out when a wider audience starts using the app.

With latest update Lightroom 4.1, Adobe addressed many of the bugs. The free update includes the following enhancements:

*The ability to process HDR TIFF files. (16, 24 or 32-bit TIFF files) This can be quite useful if you have merged multiple exposures into a single 32-bit image using Photoshop’s HDR Pro. Using the new basic panel controls can be a very effective and straightforward method of achieving an overall balance across the tonal range.
*Additional Color Fringing corrections to help address chromatic aberration.
*Save photobooks created in the Book Module to JPEG
*Publishing photos to Adobe Revel is now accessible via a Publish plugin

With the update 4.1, following bugs have been fixed:

*Point Curve adjustments made in Lightroom 3 and before have been restored.
*Addressed performance issues in Lightroom 4, particularly when loading GPS track logs, using a secondary monitor, and the controls within the Develop module.
*Clarity adds grey tinting to 100% white tones.
*Adjustments made in the Develop module were not properly being reflected to photos that have been laid out in the Book Module
*Postscript Type 1 Fonts do not appear in the Font menu within the Book module.
*Clarity adds grey tinting to 100% white tones.
*Edit-in functionality has been restored to external applications including Adobe Photoshop and Nik plugins

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Source: 9TO5 Mac

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