Aeronauts Game Review

Aeronauts iPad

Flying has alway been exciting. As a child we wish that we could fly. People who love to play computer games would certainly love a game that is about flying and fighting the enemy.

A new game called “Aeronauts” is available where your plan flies high in the sky and shoots down other planes. Action and excitement of this game can make you jump for joy. This game gives you a chance to fly, even if in a fantasy world.

How to play:

1. Select the plane of your choice among Barracudda, Bluefin or Grayhound.
2. Select the difficulty level of the stage you are playing.
3. Move your plane with tilt, joypad or touch, whichever you choose from the menu of settings. Machine tunes will fire automatically.
4. Touch on enemy to fire missiles.
5. Shoot down enemies. Obtain items and defeat the boss to accomplish the mission.

So are you ready to take off and put up a fight? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Click here to buy and download Aeronauts.

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