After Successful Publicity for iPad to Kindergarden, Parents Spoil the Flow

A decision made earlier to give an iPad to every kindergarten student by school board’s program has came under criticism from some parents.

According to site, School board in Auburn, Maine, recently announced the launch of a program they call “a revolution in education,” that would place an iPad in the hands of every student entering kindergarten. While some parents lauded the idea, others are raising objections, questioning whether the children are ready for the technology and if taxpayer money should be spent on this project.

The parents leading the charge are Tracey Levesque and Stella Gammaitoni, who have started a Facebook page called Auburn Citizens for responsible education to oppose the iPad program.

According to Tracey Levesque ( mother of 5 yrs. old),

“I don’t want an iPad given to him in school. ” Levesque added, “He has a hard time sitting in a chair.”The child required extra teaching to learn how to hold a book and write with a pencil and paper. “Just doing this creates an abundance of muscle strength in a child’s hand. You’re not doing that if you’re holding an iPad and touching a screen. This is where I’m coming from, the developmental standpoint.”

The mom would prefer that children learn from face-to-face interaction, hands-n activities and creative instruction. The group also has concerns about the value of spending $200,000 to purchase the iPads and train the teachers to use them, as well as being critical of the decision by the school board to implement the program without a public debate or research on the use of iPads in the classroom. It will be interesting to see whether the Auburn schools are allowed to launch this experimental plan or be shit down by parental objections, as reported by site.

Why don’t the school board introduces separate subjects on iPad? In this way the school kids can also use iPad and learn and at the same time use pen and pencils to draw on notebooks. Both can be benefited. My suggestion.


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