After Three Days of Explosion at Foxconn, Third Worker Dies

After Three days of explosion at Foxconn Technology Company, Foxconn confirmed that third of their worker had died from injuries.

The company states that the initial findings suggest the accident was caused by an explosion of combustible dust in a duct.

According to a statement made by the company, “ A third worker has died due to an explosion at Foxconn Technology Group’s Hongfujin Precision Electronics (Chengdu) Co. facility.”

Foxconn can confirm that, sadly, a third employee has died from injuries from the May 20 explosion at one of the polishing workshops at our company’s Hongfujin Precision Electronics (Chengdu) Co. Ltd. facility in Chengdu.

Fifteen other employees were injured in that accident and six of those employees have been treated and released from the hospital. Foxconn is working with medical professionals and the local government to ensure that all of the injured employees receive the highest quality medical treatment. Our condolences go out to the families of the deceased employees and they are being given the full support of the company. Our thoughts are also with the injured employees and their families who are also being given the full support of our company at this very difficult time.

The cause of this tragic accident is still being investigated by a joint investigation task force led by government officials and law enforcement authorities, but that task force has communicated initial findings that the accident was caused by an explosion of combustible dust in a duct. Foxconn is cooperating fully with all relevant government bodies to carry out a full investigation into the specific root cause of the accident and the company is taking all necessary actions to ensure the safety of employees at this and all other production facilities.

All operations at the affected workshop remain suspended and production at all other workshops that carry out similar processing functions have also been halted pending the results of the investigation into the cause of the Chengdu accident. All other production operations in our facilities in China continue operating normally.??Foxconn Technology Group will provide updates on this tragic accident as information becomes available.

Apple on Friday made a statement regarding the explosion and offered its condolence to the families of the Victims.

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