AirPods sales at Best Buy last month, followed by Lightning 3.5 mm adapter

Apple’s October event goes and comes without an update of truly wireless AirPods, continues remaining incredibly popular. According to the data sources compiled by Thinknum, AirPods sells the product at the top at Best Buy during the month of October.

Thinknum tracks sales-rank which is from Best Buy compiles with a list of top-selling products. October thus marks the first time AirPods where the top spot, with month behind the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

According to Thinknum data, AirPods sales ranked to 11.38 and appeared in the top-ranked products on Best Buy’s website for 29 days. With these numbers, AirPods slightly is the best where the Amazon Fire TV Stick, carries an average rank of 14.62 ranked products for 29 days of the month.

Interestingly, Apple’s Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone adapter sells the product at Best Buy during the month of October. Sales of the adapter thus boosted the fact that Apple no longer has the box with iPhone purchases.

The success of AirPods at Best Buy has a majority of consumers which holds out for Apple’s October event updating a version with the headphones coming. Thus far, AirPods continues which sells holiday season this year. We started seeing a price drop with retailers of select types, such as Amazon which is currently available for $144.

As far as the sources taken from 9to5mac, states AirPods into sales previous month at Best Buy thus far with following Lightning 3.5 mm adapter henceforth.