AirPower in iPhone XS has referenced packaging iOS-12.1 showing code of continuing development

The Apple event from last week has thus been with AirPower which originally announced during the September 2017 event. Thus AirPower is a charging mat capable of charging three devices. With this simultaneously is where the recent reports suggestive of Apple hits a series of engineering issues with the accessory.

With this, the iPhone XS packaging as well as iOS12.1which is suggestive of AirPower which is not dead yet. Thus with the simple combination of three different Qi-chargers without being an extension of Qi-Standard allows the one to place the device in any area of the mat. In order to note the fact with one which is featuring a close integration with iOS is where the charges with an iPhone display the AirPower devices through a slick interface.

With the complexity of AirPower causes a slew of issues still not for sale for more than a year. Hence originally, Apple said AirPower in the company technically missed deadline is clearly running down the wire.

Hence with iOS12.1, there is a component of iOS, is responsible for managing the charging interface. Thus it as such that appears using AirPower where Apple actively works on the project.

With a picture furthermore packaged the iPhone XS mentions clearly with AirPower. Hence by placing iPhone faced the screen upon AirPower for a Qi-certified wireless charger shared on Twitter by Gavin Stephens.

With the above sources, taken from 9to5mac concludes states one thing to mention the fact is Apple if cancels the project altogether definitely is the one who mentions the packaging of a brand new device.