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NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System. this is a very old gaming console it was nintendos original platform. It’s also referred to as “the old nintendo”. Get in the post to know all about it!

Let’s begin with the NES emulator (a.k.a. iPhone NES)

The repo source is: (add this to is a preview of the NES emulator in action:

A video on how to install NES emulator:

Here is an in depth FAQ about the NES emulator:

1. Q: What does NES stand for?

A: NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System. this is a very old gaming console it was nintendos original platform. It’s also referred to as “the old nintendo”.

2. Q: What is the NES emulator, or for that matter what is an emulator?

A: An emulator is a rather neat invention that allows us to play games on a particular gaming console without actually having to buy the games or the system itself. This emulator for the iPod Touch is an application that you put on your iPhone/iPod Touch which actually turns the screen into an NES. you can download NES ROMs to play your favorite games on your iTouch

3. Q:How do i get the NES emulator on my iPod?
A: First you must make sure your iTouch is jailbroken(if you have questions on that see the jailbreaking sub forum) then you will find it on installer under the games folder. its titled NES. simply download it from there and you will get a green mushroom icon for it.

4. Q:What are ROMs and how do i get them?
A: ROMs are the emulators “rip-offs” of the actual games for the system. They are the full games not just demos that people have put onto the computer for you. You can download ROMs from the internet and put them onto your iTouch to play on your NES. If you are looking for NES ROMs, PM me and i will give you links to several good ROMs sites and a source that will get you 75 ROMs instantly.

5. Q: OK i downloaded the NES ROMs but how do i get them actually onto my iTouch?
A: Without going into to much detail you must have a program like WinSCP on your computer so you can SSH them to your iTouch. login to WinSCP and go to the Media folder then the ROMs folder then the NES folder. copy your ROMs files into there. if you have further questions on how to do this PM me and ill be glad to help you.

6. Q: How do i make the screen bigger? and the buttons are so small.
A: Well try turning it horizantally to flip the game to landscape mode. I personally dont prefer to play this way but this is about as big as you will get it. after all its just an emulator.

7. Q:Why are my games skipping around? They seem to be slow or glitchy.
A: As with all emulators, the NES emu has a lag. Its just a little slow because thats just how the performance is on this. It will probably improve over time as the author makes furthur versions of the emulator, but this emulator is updated nearly as much as the gpSPhone. you will just have to deal with it. the games are still enjoyable.

8. Q:What are the best games for this?
A: This is a matter of opinion. Try playing Kirby’s adventure, this is a very fun game that runs very well on the NES emulator. you may also want to try the Megaman games, the Super mario games (though the buttons are pretty sensitive for these), and Duck Hunt. Pipe Dream and Castlevania 2 are also fun for me.

9. Q:How do i save my game?
A: When playing a game simply press the home button on the iTouch. you will exit the emulator and a box will pop up asking if you would like to save your game. Simply touch “yes” and the next time you want to play your save file it can be found under the saved games tab at the bottom of the emulator’s menu.

10. Q:Whats Frame Skip? And Auto-save?
A: These features are found under the settings tab on the emulator’s menu at the top. If you enable Auto-save then your game will save as soon as you press the homebutton without any pop-up box asking. I like to keep this on. Frame skip is the number of frames the game skips per second. Depending on what you have it set as you could make the game run faster or slower but at the risk of having choppy graphics. Its best to keep it on Frame Skip A because that will automatically find the best frame skip for you.

And here are the ROMS for NES from my collection, or rather, the whole collection:

This emulator is available for download at:

The repo source is: (add this to

Here is a preview of the GBA emulator in action:

A video on how to install GBA emulator:

Here is an in depth FAQ about the GBA emulator:

1. Q: What is the gpSPhone?
A: The gpSPhone is a Gameboy Advance emulator for the iPhone/iPod Touch. An emulator is a downloadable replica of a gaming system where you can download ROMs to play on it free of charge.

2. Q: Where do i get the gpSPhone and how do i operate it?
A: The gpSPhone can be found under the installer application under the games section after jailbreaking your iPhone/iPod Touch or you can install it manually by downloading it from a link and SSHing it to your iTouch.

3. Q: What? I’ve tried to run my gpSPhone but it won’t work. I get some garbled error message.
A: You need the BIOS file to launch your gpSPhone’s games. If you PM me ill give you the link to download the BIOS. Once you have it, log on to WinSCP or whatever program you use to SSH things to your iTouch and go to the media_sym folder then the applications folder tehn the gpSPhone folder. Copy the BIOS file into there and right click it and go to properties to change the permission to 755.

4. Q:What are ROMs? Where do i get ROMs?
A: ROMs are illegal copies of games to play on your emulators like the gpSPhone. They are full games not demos. you can get them from many sites for free. PM me and ill give you links to several sites where you can download them.

5. Q: My games are very slow or laggy. What did i do wrong?
A: Nothing. Thats simply how ROMs are. No ROM is absolutely perfect. The author works hard to update to new versions of the emulator to increase performance but you can’t rush perfection. Some games run better then others so experiment around a little.

6. Q: My games run well but my sound is very scratchy. Is this a bad BIOS file?
A: No. All BIOS files are the same and they have nothing to do with the quality of performance of your games. The sound for all these games is scratchy and fairly poor. Audio is one of the hardest things to get onto a ROM. This will hopefully improve over time as the emulator’s author releases new updates.

7. Q: I dont like how the buttons cover part of the screen. Help?
A: Well you can try downloading more transparent controller skins from another topic so they dont show up as easily or you can turn off the enable scaling feature under the settings tab and then your buttons will be moved off of the screen.

8. Q:What is Frame Skip?
A: Frame skip is how many frames the game skips per second. You can change this number under settings to make the game run slower or faster at the risk of having choppy graphics. Frame skip A is usually the best choice because it automatically selects teh best frame skip for you.

9. Q:How can i make suggestions for new features on the gpSPhone’s next update?
A: Go to thats the gpSPhone’s author’s website. he has forums there and if you have a problem with his emulator or a suggestion you can post it there and he will most likely reply. He is a hardworking person and is very kind.

(credit to Shotgunfool for this one)
10. Q: Can I run Gameboy Color games?
A: Using a program called Goomba (search google or PM me i just found it) you can convert your Gameboy Color files into Fameboy Advance files and then run them on your gpSPhone.

(credit to Danls92 for these 2)
11. Q: Can I trade Pokemon or connect to other iPods?
A: Again, no. The way the GBA was designed, if there is any lag in the games it would most likely crash the games. Since it is over a wireless network, there will be lag, even if it is unnoticeable to humans.

12. Q: Is there an Installer source where I can download ROMS?
A: Since ROMs are illegal, no there is not. There was one at one point, but it closed.

The PS1 emulator (a.k.a. PSX4iPhone):

The repo source is: (add this to

Here is a preview of the PS1 emulator in action:

How to install PSX4iPhone emulator:

ote: You can now downlaod psx4all off It will make it much easier.

Here we go.

Step 1: Getting the Program
Click this link to download psx4all v0.1.0.

Extract it by right clicking on the archive and clicking “Extract to psx4iphone_0_1_0”. Step 1 complete. Congratulations.

Step 2: Putting the Program on your iPod touch

Now that you have the program, you need it on your iPoT. Just put it onto your iPoT like you would any other program. In WinSCP or TotalCommander, first connect to your iPod. Then, in the right column, locate to the folder called Applications. Drag the folder “” into the right column. Let it do it’s thing. Yay, you put it onto your iPoT.

Since this is an idiot-proof guide, I’m putting a tutorial for WinSCP and TotalCommander in here, just in case you don’t know how to use them.

1.) Download WinSCP from this link:

2.) Install it and reboot your computer.

3.) Open up WinSCP. For the Host Name, put your iPoT’s IP Address. To find this, go to Settings on your iPoT, click on Wi-Fi, then click the blue arrow next to your network’s name. The IP address is the first thing you’ll see. Put that into the Host Name box. For User Name, put root. The password is alpine. Those are the only ones that work, no matter what. Make sure the port number is 22. The click Save so you don’t have to enter that crap every time you need to connect. Click OK then click Login. That should work, then put it onto your iPoT.

1.) Download it from this link:
Then download this too:

2.) Install TotalCommander.

3.) Extract the T-PoT archive.

4.) Open up TotalCommander. Click on Configuration near the top of the window, then click on Options. Click on Plugins from the left column. Click Configure under File System Plugins (.WFX) in the middle. Click Add then find the T-PoT.0.2 folder and the T-PoT.wfx file in that folder and click Open. Then press Ok, and close TotalCommander. Open it up again and find the drop-down menu over the right column that says “[-c-]”. Drop it down and click on the last option, [-/-]. That should bring you to all the files on your iPoT. I highly recommend using this since it transfers large files very quickly.

Note: If there are multiple files to one game, such as a .img, a .ccd and a .sub, you will need to put all three of them into the ROMs folder.

Anyways, back to the guide.

Step 3: Setting the Permissions to 755

For this, you can use either Squid or Finder. I use Squid. Download it from Installer, then open it up. Touch Applications, then find Touch that, then find psx4all at the bottom. Touch that, and you’ll see nine green boxes. Make sure that all of the boxes with Read next to them are checked, same with the ones with Exec next to them. There are also three boxes with Write next to them. Only touch the left-most box, then press Apply. That will set the permissions to 755 and make psx4all work. It should look like this:

Step 4: Putting Games onto your iPoT

Open up WinSCP or TotalCommander and get into your iPoT’s files. This time, go down and click on “var”. Then click “root”, then “Media”, then “ROMs”, then “PSX”. Find the ROM you downloaded on the left column and drag it into the right column. This might take a while, so I highly recommend TotalCommander because it’s the fastest way to transfer games. Let it finish, close TotalCommander or WinSCP, then that’s all there is to it. Congratulations, you’ve gotten PSX games on your iPod Touch

Step 5: Getting the BIOs file
You’re going to want the BIOs file for psx4all. Go to Google and typing something like “scph1001.bin download” and clicking on the first result. Something like that One you’ve got that, extract it and put it onto your iPod/iPhone in the psx4all directory. Remember, it’s Applications/ Then, go into Squid and and change the permissions of the scph1001.bin file to 755. There you go!

Note: Most roms for the psx4iphone emulator run at half speed, if not, slower. Personally, I find this emulator quite useless for iPod Touch/iPhone users. If you want to play PS1 emulators, buy yourself a Sony PSP! Reasons for this are because the PSP actually has an embeded graphics processor, whereas the iPod Touch/iPhones do not.

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