Amazon Cloud Music Player nixed on iTunes

When iTunes was launched, it sold one million songs in a week for 99 cents each.

You had the luxery of playing the music stored in your Music Beta by signing in with your Google account. You could listen to music on your iPhone after signing in with an app called G-Music.

An app similar to G-music, called aMusic launched by Amazon also served the same purpose. This app would have enabled you to play music in your Amazon storage locker on iOS. However, unfortunately, this cannot happen.

Due to legal issues with music industry, iTunes has nixed the idea of app for Amazon. However, G-Music is still live on iTunes.

So far music could played from Apple iCloud, Google Music Beta and Amazon Cloud Drive. However, Amazon is no longer there.

However, it is being said that aMusic app’s deletion from iCloud is temporary. It would be back after sometime.

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Source: Gizmodo

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